Tonya and Jay 27th wedding anniversary in Bayahibe

This was our first photosession after Mathew Hurricane. Tonya and Jay D wanted a romantic and elegant photosession for their 27th wedding anniversary.

They were hosted in Bayahibe, so we decided to start with some beach and jungle pictures. When we got to our chosen location we discovered that the hurricane had damaged the beach and it was not nice enough. So, we decided to shoot some jungle pictures at first. However the athmosphere was very wet and and it was hard to work in this enviroment. Soon we decided to move to another spot as during our work we want our clients to enjoy as much as they can.

As the Bayahibe beach was also not very clean, we decided to move forward to an amazing place: the Bayahibe´s mirador, just in front of the sea. A very romantic and usually not very crowded place. Moreover, the way to get there is also full of nice spots, like a small wodden church.

Once in the mirador we enjoyed some couple and single pictures, some portraits and tried to stay creative for something unique.

Soon after finishing we asked them for the secret of such a happy and lasting marriage. Do you want to know what their answer was? Permanent communication and trusting each other.

We were so happy we could find a perfect caribbean and romantic place for our session after such a bad storm as Mathew was!

Tonya’s feedback was positive! She loved the pictures!

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