Kia and Tarrick visited the Dominican Republic in November from New York. They came for a small wedding in Bavaro beach with close friends and family, so our job started at the beauty salon around 2PM. We wanted some photos for Kia while getting her make up and hair done. Then we went to the groom´s room.

Tarrick wanted to be on his own before the ceremony, he was even ironing his clothes for himself. That´s a man that can do everything. Watch and shoes were very important to him, so we took detail pictures and we walked to Kia´s room, just right next door. Kia was with her mum and sister, who helped her putting the dress on and with the final touches.

She looked relaxed and confident, and enjoying the moment. That´s what we absolutely recommend, for the bride health, and because that ´s awesome for us and gives us many beautiful portraits and smiles full of love. The ceremony was very emotive, both had prepared some lines and read it meaning every word, and even some tears popped by.

The rest of the wedding was great, a dinner with close friends and family and a bit of dancing by the beach. Not bad at all!

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